Soufiane Touzani

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Founder of freestyle football. Famous for: EA Sports, Johan Cruijff, Z@ppsport

About Soufiane Touzani

Soufiane Touzani is a freestyle football-player from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and a television presenter. He introduced new football tricks and is a pioneer of modern freestyle football. He posted a freestyle movie on YouTube, in 2005, which was viewed more than a million times worldwide. The film was also noticed by Electronic Arts (EA Games) who asked Touzani to perform his skills for the computer game Fifa Street. Famous professional football players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry and Robin van Persie watched his videos and Ronaldo even performs one of his tricks, Touzani Around The World. His popularity increased and he was invited by several countries to show his tricks. Touzani started performing worldwide. His peak was at a full Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, performing together with Ronaldinho. With more than one million followers, Soufiane is a direct hit on social media.

Date of birth: 27-10-1986

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