About Goaliath F.C.

Many years ago sports in general, football in particular, and commerce have been connected to each other as in a real marriage. This unique business relationship has realized a giant development in a positive direction and is destined to grow further. Both in business and in sports a certain risk is included. But the mutual interests are inseparable and ensures that this special relationship will remain healthy, happy, passionate, exciting and successful in the future.

Goaliath F.C. is an ambitious young sportmarketing agency, serving as intermediary mainly focused on the world of professional football. The core business is matching and closing new successful relationships between business and our team of (former) professional footballers.

Our players are available to play a key role in the marketing of certain brands regarding commercials, events, product promotion and PR activities to increase brand awareness and to maintain or even strengthen the established reputation. In addition to our core business Goaliath F.C. also has the creative expertise in-store to invent, design and development distinctive B2B and B2C concepts or formats. The Goaliath F.C. players can also be casted and matched in case a marketing link can be established within these projects.


The former footballplayers of Goaliath F.C. do help you to gain more traffic and will get more out of the sales of your product. Can you imagine the impact?