The right targets.

From known to famous and beyond. 


Top-level athletes, especially athletes from the football world, have a natural attraction. The culture that exists in America will gradually spill over to the Netherlands. It is becoming clear, to everyone, that performing at the highest level, is top-level sports. As a professional athlete you have to be both mentally and physically strong. You can find those (former) athletes, who possess these qualities, in the profile list. As individuals they come on strong. Together with that right piece of charisma, they make ideal subjects for advertising purposes. Different audiences will identify with the person concerned.

Goaliath F.C. ensures that your business will gain prestige and will get the maximum potential out of your brand, product or service. Could you imagine the impact? The face of your favourite (former) top-level sport or football player on your product? We at Goaliath F.C. do! Our (former) players are available for television commercials, billboard campaigns, social media advertising, lectures and various promotions. Exclusivity and recognition.

In collaboration with your marketing and sales department, we will ensure optimal advertisement of your company, product or service.